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  • Offical ROBOTECH site.
  • Home of the Macross Mecha designs and other ROBOTECH RPG releated sites.
  • Awsome ROBOTCH RPG site
  • Master's Return (Post Third Invid War): After the defeat of the Invid in the Third Invid War the surviving Robotech Masters return to Earth seeking its vast resources of Protoculture.
    • Robotech Gaurdian Forces (RGF)
      • VHT-6 Black Knight Veritech Hovertank
      • Armored Bioroid Veritech Fighter
    • Robotech Master's Return Forces
    • Master's Zentradi Slave Force
      • Arial Battle Pod
      • Arial Officer's Battle Pod
      • Armored Officer's Battle Pod
      • Body Armor
      • Zentradi Destroyer
      • Zentradi Flag Ship
      • Zentradi Gun Ship
      • Advanced Male Power Armor
      • Strike Ship
      • Transport Ship
      • Master's Zor's Battleship II

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