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This disclaimer is intended to cover all software/freeware, and other various files which are downloadable through or from this site.
Joe Garrepy, isp, and web host can not be held responsible for any software downloaded from this site. All freeware is downloaded at your own risk. Software which is listed on this site is assumed to work properly, but may or may not have different effects on different computer systems. The same rules apply to these programs. Joe Garrepy assumes no responsibility for those unusual occurrences where software has adverse effects on users computer. Joe Garrepy does not warrant these programs/files, and as such, can offer no guidelines in which to use them. All freeware/software/files, trademarks, service marks, and copyrights are acknowledged as belonging to their owners. Any of these which the owner wishes to be removed will be done so immediately. By downloading any software or viewing pages in which software can be downloaded, you agree to be bound to this agreement. Oracle Tools and Widgets

The following applications help in Debugging PL/SQL Code, Generating DDL for stored code in the Database or tracking what users are logged in. All the programs listed below where built with C# and you must have the .NET frame work installed to run these applications (.NET is included with Windows XP). If you are not running Windows XP or need to download the .NET frame work you can do so by following the directions on this link If you get the error pertaining to you needing MDAC 2.6 or higher you may upgrade to MDAC 2.6 by following this link The latest version of WinDDL is built using .NET Framework 2.0 which can be downloaded from
  • OracleNinja (Version 1.1 compiled on August 23, 2004): Application allows a user to see what other users are logged in and if the user logged into OracleNinja has DBA privs, the ability to Assassinate or Kill another user's sessions.
  • Win DDL (Version 2.0.0 compiled on 1/9/2006) UPDATED!!!
    WinDDL is a tool for writing, documenting and researching database objects for Oracle 9.2 and above. WinDDL primary purpose is for the generation of object DDLs using the SYS.DBMS_METADATA package ensuring that the most "proper" DDL possible is generated. This also insures that as Oracle is updated new objects and new ways of writing objects will be preserved in the SYS.DBMS_METADATA package. WinDDL can also create a JavaDoc like HTML document called a PLDoc for Oracle Packages, Tables and Views. Future enhancements include expanding that list to all Oracle Objects. For more information on PLDoc please visit where the original PLDoc generator is located. Commenting rules can be found @ rules
  • New_DDL (Version 1.0 compiled on 01/23/2004)
    • Console Version of WinDDL.
    • Does not use DBMS_METADATA to build its DDLs
    • Builds full DDL of all objects except for tables. New_DDL will build the table DDL but will not build the Script for the Indexes or Triggers.
  • WinPipit (Version 1.3 compiled on 10/11/2005) UPDATED!!!
    • Create the PIPEIT Procedure and grant execute to your user.
    • BEGIN pipit('messge','nameofpipe'); END;
    • You need the following objects granted to the user you are logged in as:
  • PipeIt (Version 1.0 compiled on 11/12/2003)
    • Console Version of WinPipeIt.
  • Oracle Validator (Version 1.0 ALPHA compiled on September 2, 2004)
    • Displays a check box list of Invalid Oracle objects and allows you to compile them with a click of a button.
    • You need the following objects granted to the user you are logged in as.

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