The following materials are based of ideas by Joe Garrepy and sketches found on the Robotech Technical File Web Stite.

Robotech Masterís Bioroid Veritech Fighter


After capturing the super Robotech Factory that came to be in orbit around Earth during the early part of the Third Invid War, the surviving Science Masters noted several things to improve upon after fighting terran mecha for 15 years. First, all future mecha needed to be more heavily armored. Lack of armor, specifically on the Zentradi Models of mecha where appalling. Secondly, especially when engaging REF mecha, lack of built in missile systems left a lack in fire power that greatly handicapped any of the Masterís Bioroids. And finally, the versatility of transformable mecha made it deadly in any environment.

Fortunately for the Masters (and unfortunately for any one else), several Terran mecha where captured and taken aboard the Factory Satellite. Upon careful study and analysis, the masters created a new Bioroid to be used by all Masters while engaged in combat. This new Bioroid combined an Alpha Veritech Fighter with the existing Bioroid Battoloids, to create a fearsome and diverse mecha. In fighter mode, the Veritech is an extremely fast trans-atmospheric fighter capable of striking from orbit and returning under its own power from whence it came. In Bioroid mode, the Veritech has all the quick response time and control allotted to Bioroids used in the second Robotech War.
RPG Stats
 Vehicle Type:Bioroid Veritech Fighter
M.D.C By Location
 (1) Sensor Head75
 Head Lasers (2)30 each
 Hands (2)60
 Forearms/Missiles (2)300 each
 Shoulders/Missile Pods (2)120 each
 Upper Legs (2)120 each
 Lower Legs/Thrusters/Missile Pods (2)200 each
 Wings (2)140 each
 Tail (2)75 each
 Main Body420
 Reinforced Pilot's Compartment200
 Energy Pistol150
1 Destruction of the sensor head will greatly reduce the pilot's sensory and targeting equipment, though backup systems prevent total sensory blindness. Long-range radar is reduced to 2 mile range. Radio and Laser communication systems are lost, but an auxiliary system provides voice- only radio with a 100 mile range. Head Spotlights, Thermo-Imager, Night vision Optics, Audio Pickup, and Head Lasers are lost. Laser targeting is also destroyed; -1 to strike.
2 Destruction of the main body will shut the unit down completely.
 Jet Mode:Mach 5.2
 Jet Cruising Speed:Mach 2
 Battloid Mode, Flying:Hover stationary to about Mach 1.5
 Battloid Mode, Running:120 mph
 Battloid Mode, Leaping:100 ft (30.5 m) up or across without using jet boosters, 350 ft (106.8 m) with jet boosters.
 Height:38 ft (10.5 m) in battloid mode.
  12 ft (5.0 m) in jet mode.
 Width:18 ft (4.6 m) at shoulders in battloid mode.
  37.2 ft (10.5 m), jet mode with wings fully swept.
 Length:39 ft (11 m), in jet mode
 Weight:16.2 tons without missiles, 22.6 tons fully loaded.
 Cargo:Space behind pilot's seat for pilot's belongings; can hold about 100 lbs (45.4 kg).
 Range:24 protoculture cells will give the mecha an active combat life of about two years. The mecha can operate on half as many cells (12) for 12 months, but maximum speed is reduced by half and the mecha is at -1 to strike. As a last resort, the mecha can operate solely on fusion power, but maximum speed is reduced by 75%, the head lasers cease to function, and the mecha is at -2 to strike and -2 to dodge.
 1  HEAD MOUNTED TWR-30 PULSE LASERS (2): Dual Laser Cannons mounted on the head of the Bioroid. Located under the cockpitof the Veritech in Fighter Mode.
  • Primary Purpose: Anti-personnel, Anti-aircraft
  • Mega-Damage: 3D6 M.D. per individual blast or 6D6 M.D. per dual blast.
  • Payload: Unlimited
  • Range: 2000ft (1200m)
 2  MM-60 MULTI-MISSILE SYSTEM: Based off of the Alpha Veritech, the Bioroid fighter also uses the MM-60 multi-missile system.
  • Primary Purpose: Assault
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Mecha
  • Mega-Damage: Standard REF short-range missiles, usually high explosive, armor-piercing, or plasma.
  • Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two, or all. Remember, a volley counts as one melee attack regardless of the number of missiles.
  • Range: Varies with missile type; 1 to 5 miles.
  • Payload: 8 in each shoulder, 10 in each forearms, 12 in each lower leg, for a total of 60 missiles.
 2  Bioroid Blaster: The Bioroid Fighter uses the classic Bioroid Blaster as its main hand weapon. When in Fighter mode the Blaster is located on the bottom and able to rotate 360 degrees in any direction.
  • Primary Purpose: Assault/Defense
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft
  • Mega-Damage: single shots 1d6*10, short bursts 2d6*10
  • Rate of Fire: Equal to the total number of H-to-H attacks
  • Range: 8,000 ft (2400m)
  • Payload: Conditionally Unlimited. The weapons drum can shoot up to 25 short bursts in one minute before depleting its energy reserve. After which point the weapons drum can only fire short bursts at a rate of 4 per melee until the energy reserve is replenished.
 2  CADS Vibro Bladeís Weapon Systems: The Bioroid Fighter also uses a knock off of the Sabre Cyclone CADS vibro blades. These are stored in sheathsin the arms of the mecha and may be extended at will. The weapons, similar to the CADS system on the Sabre Cyclone are also nearly indestructible when activated and grant a + 2 to parry with when used.
  • Primary Purpose: Close Combat
  • Secondary Purpose: Defensive Shield
  • Mega-Damage: 6D6 Per Strike
  • Rate of Fire: Equal to the total number of H-to-H attacks
  • Range: Melee